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It's very cool, basically the gameplay is awesome. It feels like a true horror, cos you feel like you were walking in the dark and you are extra careful. Also it is amazing we can have 3D effect without glassess :):) The bad side is that the visual depth is shallow, giving short view range and enemies can shoot me before I can see them which feels unfair and unrewarding. Also the noise color would be nice to stick to a level. and menu to be also magic-eye(at least when you are in-between playing games)Although every kill in this game gives a lot of satisfation, and I see a fun multiplayer in this. I would play more this kind of games if there are more. I LOVE it. Kudos to you for doing such crazy project.

currently not working on mac.

Such a cool concept :)

This is the best thing I've seen in a long time! But really? Nightmare? lol

Amazing stuff! I love this and I have a very easy time doing the wall-eye thing. My only issue is that I cannot get myself to perceive the hud gun on top of the rest. It always looks deeper, like a hole in the screen. Everything else is amazing.

Downloading immediatel

This game looks clever. But it needs to be updated for me to play it on mac 10.15. 

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