v2 update

Update to address some of the comments and fix a couple bugs.

Linux and Mac Builds

Added builds for both, but I can't currently test them. Please leave a comment if you have any issues with them.

Render Distance

This seems to be a common complaint, so I added an option to increase the "render" distance. Note that this will also increase the distance between layers in the resulting autostereogram. I haven't found a way around this trade-off yet, which is why I didn't have a higher render distance in the first build -- v1 had a max distance of 10. The default is now 15, and the max is 20. Any more and the layers become a worse problem than the inability to see distant enemies. 


For those who want a less blurry image, I added an option for point filtering. I personally think this is too jarring, and doesn't have any effect on the stereogram, but it can't hurt to have the option. :)


Added an option to make the pixels greyscale. They have a uniform spread in darkness, so it's more consistent than random color mode. Might help if you're colorblind or just don't like the random colors.


-Fixed weapon shader, should appear as close as possible instead of fuzzy


OMDOv2.zip 20 MB
Jun 18, 2018
OMDOv2Linux.zip 23 MB
Jun 18, 2018
OMDOv2Mac.zip 22 MB
Jun 18, 2018



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Mac OS error:

LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Users/user/omdo/OMDOv2Mac/omdo.app.

For linux I already wrote comment, what to do to run. But personally me cannot run, because it's a VM without graphic acceleration.